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Thursday May 15th at the Tealounge in Parkslope Brooklyn!

Wednesday December 12th- Warper Party at Supreme Trading in Williamsburg
set at 9:30.

This is the Warper 2nd Anniversary and its being filmed for a German/French TV show called "TRACKS", kickass!!!!

Thursday December 6th- Tealounge in Parkslope Brooklyn
sets at 9 & 1030.

I am playing Thursday November 1st at Pianos in NYC-

for the official release of HANS BLIX's new album "What's the Highest Number you can think of?" that I was given the honor of mixing. They are like a vitamin that's good for your ears and bad for your nothing. I will be opening for them and then performing with them after their set for some sort of joined forces Voltron of electronic oddness.

Thursday December 6th- Tealounge in Parkslope Brooklyn
sets at 9 & 1030.

thanks to everyone who came out to see all my shows with the Flight Orchestra a few weeks back. Just wanted to mention that during the (few) hours when we weren't playing we were in the studio working on some new material for our project We.Are.A.Rook that we are very excited about. thanks to all the heads at Electronic SubSouth and everyone in Gainesville, Splice, Goodbye Blue Monday and everyone in Brooklyn as well as a big shout out to Delta Airlines for getting me my equipment before the show started (for real!), not letting my bass fly on the plane because it was a " gun replica" and putting The Flight Orchestra on the no fly list. Thanks again!

September 30th- SPLICE @Monkeytown in The BURG OF WILLIAMS, Brooklyn with The Flight Orchestra, I Synthesist and Radio Wonderland will be performing as well as DJ Maxx Klaxon rotating records.

OCTOBER 6th- Electronic SubSouth in Gainesville Florida at Common Grounds with the Flight Orchestra and The Ludovico Technique

In other selfcentric related news that i am very proud to share with you all- I just recently finished mixing HANS BLIX's upcoming album "What's the Highest Number you can think of?" at MassiveMusic in NY. These are truly talented Gentlemen (and Scholars). i listen to this disc at least ONCE a DAY! its like a vitamin that's good for your ears and bad for your nothing.

recent shows- Thursday August 30th- Tealounge in Parkslope Brooklyn
sets at 9 & 1030.

here's the map-

View Larger Map


September 30th- SPLICE @Monkeytown in Brooklyn with The Flight Orchestra

OCTOBER 6th- Electronic SubSouth in Gainesville Florida at Common Grounds with the Flight Orchestra and The Ludovico Technique

i played-

CROSS-POLLINATION at Pianos Upstairs

Tuesday July 31, 2006

with NYC's own- Cause.

Show Starts at 8pm.
i play.
then Cause plays.
and then.
we get down.
with some Cross-Pollination.
and play some tunes together.
for you all to cut a Rug to.

get there-
158 Ludlow St NYC, NY 10002
(Between Stanton and Rivington, Take F or V to 2nd Ave)

ALSO!!!!!- August 30th at 8pm at The Tea Lounge

Upcoming Shows!

5.10.07 The Tea Lounge- Brooklyn NY

flyer by Alto Clark

04.24.07- i had blast playing the other night at the The Warper Party with Brian of the Overclock Orchestra and Micah aka Kamoni. it was def some weird music and I look forward to playing again.

Tour with the FLight ORchestra-

01/20/07- so the tour ended with much humor and no drama. Miami was a bit of a disappointment as the venue stuck us with a bummer of a last minute deal. if that had been the deal from the beginning we wouldnt have agreed to play so we didnt play. we got to hangout with Brendan (wicked dream foundation), Renzo (Hydroplane), The Voice of Reason and the Revolutionary. we ate some badass cuban food and had some cafe. plus i got to see the family. hanging with them and getting good food made the trip worthwhile.

on the way north we saw a bad and bloody multi car accident. always sobering when you have been living out of a car for almost two weeks. hope everyone was ok.

anyway- the DC show was rad. Black Ops set was amazing, especially with Doug playing an electric upright bass. We also had a kickass jam session at the end.

so the tour is over (for now- look out west coast) and we had a great time. a mega huge thanks to - Chris Miller, Lenny Perlman, Brandon for putting me on the right sleep schedule, Adam (Viirus), Ruth, Laura, Elora, El Zombo, MR. Spagandy!, Sidecar Racer, Koabra, Alto Clark aka Ben and the lovely Fany for letting us stay in Tampa, Biepang and GogoPod, Kush Wonder & Melissa, Sherry, Disembodied Voices, Sephiroth Chorus, Priscilla, Sir Honey, Wildflower, Broken Link, Mike, Vinnie Castiligone, Cindy, A_Scissors (Brian), Mr. Acronym, Jen, Tanya at Peacock Room, Ayanna, Leslie Coons, Adrian aka Zone3, Gabe, Allen Welty Green, Nerd Parade, People who showed up to see us play in Atlanta, Brendan, Rolando, Renzo, Voice of Reason, The Revolutionary, MidAir, Namebrand, Doug of 302acid, Mrs. Doug of 302Acid, Gideon, Annie, Pav, James, Bennett, everyone who came to the shows, anyone i forgot, anyone whos name i didnt learn and of course-
my wife Meredith, family and friends for supporting us and well shit- thanks to David aka The Flight Orchestra for making this trip go smoothly and just plain having a kickass time! uhhhhh Crane Technique!

South Beach

Sha'ul aka Contra (sorry i missed your set dude, im sure it kicked a great deal of ass)

i dont doubt it was an inside job-

the voice of reason-

the venue to not be named-

TFO and Renzo (Hydroplane)-

Miami kids including Renzo (Hydroplane), Revolutionary, Brendan of Wicked Dream Foundation and The Voice of Reason pre Cuban food-

at the beach in the Ft. of Lauderdale

Rip Currents-

the beach-

the more beach

driving to D.C. (Savanah GA)

more driving-

our car-

more driving-

my new haircut-


DC sunset-

David TFO and me-

TFO playing in D.C. with visuals courtesy of Black Ops-

me playing in D.C.-

thank you Neda for bringing out the heads!!!

prebirthday cupcake!-

and back in nyc and man its BRICK!!
here are some pics from the Orlando show with A_Scissors and Mr. Antonym at the Peacock Room. Mr. Spagandy decided to destroy a laptop. it was fantastic.

Also some pics from the show in ATL at The Eyedrum. It was a low turn out but check out this review from Chante at Creative Loafing's Bad Habits blog. Click here to read what she had to say about my performance. Thanks also to Zone3 for coming out.

more in depth writing and pic captions to come once i land back in nyc!

also check out The Flight Orchestra's blog for more pics and some pics of my performances as well-

The Flight Orchestra's Blog
fake broken ankle

mr. spagandy & A_Scissors

Mr. Spagandy breaking someone's laptop

A_Scissors ripping shit up

Mr. Spagandy with The Flight Orchestra

Cockroach with The Flight Orchestra

Mr. Spagandy with The Flight Orchestra

Mr. Spagandy

Yours Truly

The Flight Orchestra

Chris Miller (Electronic Subsouth founder), The Flight Orchestra and me

Chris Miller (Electronic Subsouth), The Flight Orchestra and my eye

Chris Miller (Electronic Subsouth) and The Flight Orchestra

the Flight Orchestra

driving out of Orlando

Eyedrum in Atlanta


The Flight Orchestra @ Eyedrum

leaving Atlanta
here are some random pics from our day off in gainesville between the Jacksonville show and Tampa as well as some pics from our show in Tampa at Viva La Frida with Alto Clark (who absolutely blew us away) and Biepang (who was terrfyingly awesome, they tore it up.)

on our day off we hungout, went for a run, eat some of Lenny's fine homecooked vegetarian meals as well as the Natto that he got for us. Hung out at his art/science studio Light in Progress with him, Electronic Sub South founder Chris Miller, The Viirus and Koabra. Freaking great time with those guys.

next up Orlando----......

veggie food at Lenny's

The Viirus

Night off at Light in Progress (left to right- Koabra, Chris Miller, Lenny and Adam aka the Viirus

working on a new we.are.a.rook song

fun with black lights

more fun with black lights

Viva La Frida in Tampa

long shot of Viva La Frida

outdoor stage at Viva La Frida

fire pit

Alto Clark setting up

Alto Clark, The Flight Orchestra and me

Biepang getting the groove on

Alto Clark and his lovely lady Fany (thanks for putting up with our sad excuse for humor! hope you like those books!)

Alto Clark kicking out the good stuff

more awesomeness

no seriously this guy fucked it up.

Biepang and some weirdo

yeah seriously- a conga line broke out

tampa was a bit chilly

drink those vitamins!

i see something Disney on the Horizon

on our way to Orlando!

so David aka The Flight Orchestra arrived on thursday afternoon. we then proceeded to play at Goodbye Blue Monday with Jack Ryon aka Sir Honey with Martin Keith and Dave Bodi. Also following us was The Holy Experiment. we got a few hours of sleep, loaded up the car on friday morning and drove straight down to Gainesville.

It was about 17hours to Florida and wasnt that bad. however right on the Florida/Georgia border at around 330 we pulled over to go to the bathroom. David went down to the fence by the side of the road. I was by the car when out of nowhere another car pulled off the road ahead of us. it then started backing up. i thought it was going to be a cop and got worried he wouldnt be too friendly to yankees like myself. then the car started going backwards faster and faster and i realized that not only was it NOT a cop, that it was also prob gonna hit our car. the car stopped about two feet from us and a tweaked out guy who was sunnin' and gunnin' (aka sleeveless tshirt) and half mumbled something AT us. David asked for a clarification while i considered jumping across the passenger seat straight to the driver seat. The guy muttered something again which sounded like "are you straight?" to which David questioned again. By this time I was around the other side of the car and yelled at David to just get in the car and we took off. the adrenaline from that got us the rest of the way there. We decided that the guy was just high and stopped to see if we needed some help. but when we told this story to the peoples of Florida we were informed that "scraight" meant drugs and he might have been asking if "we were scraight" and needed some crack or meth or what have you. it was possible that either he was so high he thought it would be good to sell to random peoples on the side of the road or we had inadvertently stumbled into a drop spot. Either way we were not "scraight". we also almost hit a dog that got hit by a car in front of us. that was sad.

we crashed at Chris Miller (founder of Electronic Subsouth's) house that morning and slept most of Saturday. We awoke to go to Lenny's Studio "Light in Progress" for a pre show party with drinks of science from the science bar. The show kicked ass much and the Aliens and Spangandy made wonderful performances (see pics). It was really hot and humid in the venue but everyone seemed to have a great time. From there it was a little more sleep and off to Jacksonville for the show at Jack Rabbit's sunday night. This was the first non-Gainesville ESS show and it went off very well in my opinion plus it was awesome caravaning out there. Disembodied Voices and Sidecar Racer also performed and i cant thank Mr. Spagandy enough for stalling in such a beautiful manner whilst i solved technical difficulties. After the show we packed it up, had some waffle house and caravaned back to Gainesville. Chris almost hit a white cat on the highway and then of course we almost did as well. no animals were harmed this time.

much huge thanks to Electronic Subsouth, Chris Miller and Lenny!!!

the illustrious Slatkin-

Sirhoney aka Jack Ryon w/Martin Keith and Dave Bodi

stinking it up at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn-

my set at Goodbye Blue Monday

South of the Border

were the Residents in Florida?

shovel tree

punk flamingos


creepy neighbor

The Flight Orchestra @ Light in Progress

Electronic Sub South

just in case

catching lightning bugs in Florida with ESS founder Chris Miller and TFO

seriously disgusting bathroom in Gainesville

seriously disgusting bathroom in Gainesville

Mr. Spagandy Pre-show

me and TFO post show

the fabulous photographer Elora and El Zombo!

Merch table?

Mr. Spagandy (note the skull on his cane)

TFO kicking ass

TFO kicking more ass


Alien interference on the set?

aliens in the crowd

TFO kicking ass

more of the Being

TFO's set ill-uminating the stage


Being from Klystron7


TFO on camera

me and El Zombo

The Flight Orchestra

some heads

a duel?

outside of 1982's post show

driving to Jacksonville

a turd

our flyer in Jack Rabbit's

Hello everyone! hope the holidays are filled with eggnogg goodneses! 2007 brings with it my tour with The Flight Orchestra! here are the tour dates thus far-

January 04 2007 Thursday 09:00 PM - Brooklyn New York- Goodbye Blue Monday
January 06 2007 Saturday 08:00 PM -Gainesville Florida- Electronic Sub South @ 1982
January 07 2007 Sunday 08:00 PM - Jacksonville Florida -Jack Rabbits
January 10 2007 Wednesday 08:00 PM - Tampa, Florida- Viva La Frida
January 11 2007 Thursday 08:00 PM - Orlando, Florida - Peacock Room
January 12 2007 Thursday 08:00 PM - Atlanta, Georgia - Eyedrum
January 14 2007 Sunday 08:00 PM - Miami, Florida - Churchill's Pub
January 16 2007 Tuesday 10:00 PM Washington D.C.- Warehouse Theater
January 19 2007 Friday 08:00 PM Baltimore, Maryland -Baltitronic tba

Also performing-
Brooklyn- Sir Honey, Nate Mars and special guests
ESS in Gainesville- R.Garcia and Neuborn
Miami- The Wicked Dream Foundation, Contra, Midair & Abstract
D.C.- Black Ops +Special guests

12/13/06- so sorry for the late update but due to unfortunate last minute circumstances, my Fatbaby performance tonight has BEEN RESCHEDULED to MONday DEC 18th. Thats next Monday- same time (8pm) , same place (Fatbaby). (unfort. Dragons of Zynth will no longer be playing.)

So sorry for any confusion and conflict. Thanks as always for your support and see you next Monday!

also kickass news- Mr. John Schaefer was kind enough to play my new song "DRP-601" on his New Sounds program on WNYC. to view the show's archives click here.

dont forget my tour with The Flight Orchestra is gonna kick off in a couple of weeks and shows will be announced shortly.

12/09/06- I am playing on this coming Monday DEC 11th at Fatbaby (112 Rivington in the Lower East Side on the Isle of Manahatta!) at 8pm. Dragons of Zynth are going on right after me and they kick much ass. Their new album is rumored to be produced by TV on the Radio peoples! This is what XLR8R had to say about them- "Their hazy rock and synthesizer soul, coupled with brilliant shows in New York, are just what these war-torn summer days should sound like."

So Don't party to hard on Sunday night and come out Monday night instead and have a kickass weekend!

Map to Fatbaby is right over herrre

flyer is here-

11/23/06- due to unsual circumstances, I will not be performing at Hendrix's Birthday show on the 27th. Sorry for the late notice. I was really looking forward to playing this show...the show on December 11th at Fatbaby is still a go!

11/16/06- Bunch o things- Going on an East Coast tour with The Flight Orchestra in January 2007. KICKASS!! tour dates tba very shortly! You can hear TFO's interview, live performance and extremely kind words about me on here. Cant wait to hit the road! did a little write up on me and my cd (and actionfigures) which you can see and read here. Its a very cool site that supports and writes about music for/by and influenced games! Thanks to Anthony for that!

ALSO- Two shows!- after Thanksgiving weekend binges and purges come to an end come celebrate Jimi Hendrix's Birthday (as well as Eric's) on MONDAY NOVEMBER 27th 9pm at Sin-e (150 Attorney Street NYC NY 10002).


I will be playing something related to Hendrix, Hendrix's material or in Hendrix's mindset. Its gonna be a whole night of Birthday Hendrix celebratory madness featuring - Wil Deynes, Adin Lenchner, Seven Ways Out and The Nillaz. The only thing crazier than the mix of musicians will be my hair. not really. well, maybe!

for a map to Sin-e click here.

and come DECEMBER 11th, I will be performing at Fatbaby 112 Rivington St., New York, New York 10002.

10/17/06- the Pianos show is creeping up! here is the flyer-

10/11/06- FRIDAY OCTOBER 20th at 9pm I will be playing at Pianos located at 158 Ludlow at Stanton. I am going to be playing even more NEW SONGS! so come check it out.

to get there by train- take the F or V to 2nd Ave/Houston St. Exit at Allen St end of the station and walk two blocks east on Houston to Ludlow, then one block south to Stanton. J M Z or F to Delancey/Essex. Exit at Delancey/Essex and walk two blocks north on Essex to Stanton, then one block west to Ludlow.

or look at this Map

i know a bunch of you are already coming but i want everyone to come out to this one!

also- we are going to be filming a video for a new song of for my upcoming album and need as many lights as possible. If you have seen my performances that is the general idea. We need to cover as large an area with as many different lights possible. The weirder the light, the better. The more it sticks out from the other lights the better chance you will have of seeing your light in the video. Donations of any and all lights would be greatly appreciated. Dusty strings of christmas lights, house lamps, night lights- the cheaper the better! Whatever you can spare. Whatever is laying around your apartment, attic or garage. The only qualification is that it lights up.ˆ€ˆÇˆåˆøThe deadline has been moved so dig some lights out of your attics!

Everyone who donates a light will get their names in the credits of the video too! Pianos is former Piano store in the heart of the LES and if you havent checked it out yet please stop by. i am pretty sure its free too!

09/06/06- THURSDAY September 7th, in celebration of the anniversary of Former cartoonist Johnny Gruelle being given a patent for his Raggedy Ann doll, I will be playing at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn. The place is amazing and I will be playing with both more and less equipment. what does that mean? I dont know so show up and see. Show starts at 9pm!

ALSO- check out my new tune "drp-601" from my to-be-announced album on myspace. If you can tell me what the song title means i'll send you an advance copy! even if you arent sure what the "real" meaning is, I'd love to hear creative answers so send em in. Plus there is a new myspace profile with a photo taken by the extremely talented, gifted and haunted Sheri Manson.

08/11/06- I will be performing at the Knitting Factory at 74 Leonard Street in the NYC AUGUST 26th at 11pm. I have been invited to play by the talented Tonearm in the last evening of his summer residency at the Knit. I am bringing out even MORE equipment for this show too!

Then a lil headsup for September 7th, I will be playing at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn. freaking awesome venue, you have to see this place. Brainboxing will be playing! and all the way from Grand Rapids Michigan- NightToucher. FREE SHOW! SEPTEMBER 7th! Mark YOur calendars!

08/01/06- Ive got two more shows coming this week- on Saturday August 5th I will be playing with a Live laptop drum and bass improve session we have dubbed Vast Active Laptop Intelligence System or V.A.L.I.S for short. This will be at The Ottobar in Baltimore. The Ottobar is located at 2549 North Howard Street. Directions can be found here.

Then on Sunday August 6th I am back in NEW YORK playing SPLICE which is a twice a month eclectic electronic extravaganza at Solas which is located at 232 East 9th Street (bwtn. 2nd and 3rd avenue) in New York City. I am very much looking forward to both of these shows as they will be a totally different experience for both of them.

Huge awesome thanks to DJ Shakey and Moldover for the last Warper Party. I had such a freaking great time and I do hope it takes place at the Delancey.


i shall be staying out of my hermetic state and playing the next Warper Party as a featured artist! HUGE thank you to Ms. DJ Shakey and Mr. Moldover. Hope everyone can make it out to this one cause its gonna be huge! New venue. badass sound system. multiple rooms of laptop mayhem. here's the info-

DJ Shakey and Moldover present:


2 floors of Omnidigital DJs & Biomorphic Musicians !!

16+ different performances from 8pm sharp:

including featured artist:

9pm Elijah B. Torn (,

TUESDAY JULY 25TH NEW VENUE - The Delancey 168 Delancey St. btw Clinton and Attorney NYC 212-254-9920 21+ˆ€ˆÇˆåˆø FREEˆ€ˆÇˆåˆø 7pm - 2am+



For those of you who missed the last one here is a low-resolution video clip teaser of my last performance.

06/20/06- i shall be coming out of my hermetic dwelling next tuesday the 27th of June and performing at the next Warper Party. It is at Botanica, a great little bar and awesome hangout on Houston Street. I go on at 8:30 in the back room and am followed by the awesomely talented Jesse Terry. There are a ton of electronic musicians performing and its bound to be a good time. I have some new stuff up my sleeve so let's just say to leave a night light or two on!

Oh yeah im almost done with the new album!

OH YEAH! you can buy "Sarge Shukar Rough" at the iTunes Store now!

click on the lil iTunes logo and it will take you directly to the album-

03/13/06- finally finished my remix of a great band from Scotland. Quinn. they are a truly talented and original group. Here is the Elijah B Torn version of Astronauts.

02/06/06- Been pretty busy lately- The show in D.C. was totally awesome. I had such a great time and everyone was super nice and i seemed to get a good response to my music. Especially big thanks and applause (to the few people i saw perform before driving back to NYC to be in the studio at 10am!) mainly Doug aka D.A.R.K. from 302 Acid, Cedric, Slopes, Phatso Brown and Cory Gilbert. I hope i get to see the rest of the acts soon and hopefully play in D.C. again.

Also just finished recording and mixing some voice over for a presentation for UFO clothing. maybe that will lead to some cool military surplus style clothing to continue the military vibe of yours truly.

check it out!- I just found that carries Shukar Rough as well. click here to purchase.

01/27/06- i get more and more excited to play this show in D.C. on sunday. the wonderful Arion Beger was kind enough to do a write up about the show in the Washington Post Express and tooo include a picture of me! huge thanks to her for that! made for a wonderful birthday!

D.C. gets their first taste of the beard!

I just finished mastering/sweetening a mix of Andre Lafosse's amazing performance at Dominic Frasca's amazing artist friendly venue The Monkey. Truly an honor to even look at the wave form of Andre's playing. It was def the most passionate set of Andre's I have seen to date. Unbelievable. The set will be available on an iTunes podcast for the The New York Guitar Festival. If there is anyone pushing the boundaries of guitar it is Andre and Dominic. Seriously worth checking out.

01/19/06- Happy New Year! Ive got the first show of the season lined up-

January, 29 2006 at The Black Cat
1811 14th Street, Washington, DC 20009

its an evening of experimental electronic music w/Phatso Brown, THe Last of Us, Cedric, Slopes, D.A.R.K., Utenzil, Suburban Bathers' Digital Wasteland and Live Visuals by DC VJ All-Stars. Put together by D.A.R.K. so big thanks to him for getting me involved. All the artists will be blending their sets together so there will be no downtime in between acts! should be really exciting to hear how the different styles mesh (or collide!).

ive got some new songs to play off what will prob be my new solo disc and some old tunes too. If you are in D.C. please come check it out!

flyer here.

11/02/05- My "Sarge- Shukar Rough" album is now available at Cdbaby.if you havent picked one up yet go grab it for the upcoming holidays!. It is also still available from Daft Alliance. I have been told it makes a nice soundtrack for smoking things.

Noah Jensen-Brodsky of Hellhoundonmytrail, Sleepwalker, Betray the Species and Title and I have started our Viking Cock album finally. It shall prove to be either awesomely horrible or horribly awesome. Anyway we have a myspace account set up already so feel free to add us and help make us come up number one on search engines! Viking Cock

Was digging through old tracks and found a remix i did of Epic recording artist Susie Suh, recorded long before she was famous and rocking a major label debut. Susie Suh's "Godlike" remixed by yours truly. Its quite a departure from what it was and what it became. Everything except her vox was recorded and written by me. enjoy.

10/21/05- My song "Fluchthelfer" was played on RTQE on WORT-FM 89.9, Madison WI. Much huge thanks go to Gregory Taylor, part of the awesome Cycling '74 team-responsible for MAX/Msp and Pluggo and the man continuing the Oblique Strategies and who has been making a home for weird experimental electronic and organic music since 1987. Much appreciated and a big thank you for placing my track amongst some truly amazing artists!

10/15/05- For those of you into the myspace scene both myself and can be found on thar.

there is also some sort of blog there as well. elijahbtorn blog.

10/09/05- I spent all day yesterday hanging out at the AES show. saw some pretty cool gear- UA- uad-1 card with Roland Space Echo plugins, ADAM Monitors, RME interfaces, and Royer Mics. I must have spent thousands of imaginary dollars in half of a day. As usual though the time was spent talking to many more cool people than looking at gear.

10/07/05- Show went really well. Huge thank you to everyone who came out to see me! looks like i will be able to play at the Knitting Factory again soon. I had a great time hanging out with The Flight Orchestra and his music was fricking awesome. Looking forward to playing future shows with him. Really dug the Skypilot set as well-- cant wait to hear their disc. and i finally got to see Nate Mars live set. Very very cool- Cru Jones shredded the drums to piece while Nate destroyed the bass, decks, laptop and basically everything in his sight. Looking forward to hearing his disc as well.

09/25/05- Elijah B Torn will be playing with Nate Mars, The Flight Orchestra and Skypilot at the Knitting Factory on October 10th at 8pm for $8. Pre-purchase tickets here. This is a really pivotal gig for all of us so we would love everyone to come out and show support. This is the first gig that Nate and Elijah have ever shared the bill and it is also the third stop on The Flight Orchestra tour.

07/05/05- Two songs off my Shukar Rough Album were played on KCRW in LA! On Monday June 27th at 10:58 Nic Harcourt played a tune on his wonderful Morning Becomes Eclectic show. Then on Friday July 1st, Debbie Adler played another track on her show Broadband. It is such a widely respected station and I am totally thrilled that they played me! Hopefully some of their other many cool DJ's like Jason Bentley play some of my disc too. Huge thanks to the DJ's and thanks to skott at for catching the song on Broadband.

fyi- the link on the Broadband playlist takes you the cd's of the former band Sarge. these are not my CD's. My disc can be purchased at CANTSTOPEATING

6/10/05- the forum is now up and running. go check it out.

6/06/05- Billyberg Film Festival was a huge success. All the films were amazing (i especially enjoyed Peter Sollet's, Stella's, PES's films were amazingly cool and Seth Lind's Barbara Leather was beautifully done.). huge thanks to Phillipe and Marin for putting this together and involving me in it. it was a huge honor and i hope i can partake next year. A huge thanks to everyone who showed up to see me perform both nights, tons of love for everyone who helped me move my equipment and the pretty ladies that took me out to dinner both nights!

6/01/05- One of my closest friends (and an extraordinary multi-talented musician)- Eric Perlmutter dared me to make a song using ONLY a snare drum in under half an hour. The punk actually clipped the sample to be 2 frames long too. here ya go buddy. Elijah's Snare Song.

5/25/05- I will be playing the Billyberg Short Film Festival on both June 3 and 4th from 8-9pm at North Six. I am even more excited than i was two weeks ago! There are going to be tons of people and amazing films. Whatever industry you work in this, this will be a kickass party. Here is the official lineup.

5/10/05- Elijah B Torn (as Sarge)'s album Shukar Rough on sale at CANTSTOPEATING. Run out and go get it! There is paypal for your shopping pleasure now.

It is looking very much like I will be playing before the Billyberg Short Film Festival on both June 3 and 4th from 8-9pm at North Six. I am very excited for these shows and looking forward to seeing the films. Lightning Bolt is playing there the week before which is just awesome and makes me feel unworthy.


4/14/05- A heartfelt apology to Sarge the band, Elizabeth and all of the fans of Sarge that Sarge has confused. I am very sorry.

so umm things changed a bit this week. Sarge is no longer Sarge and Sarge remains Sarge. ha. There was some confusion and the former band Sarge asked Sarge what the hell he was doing. Sarge had plans of slapping a TM on there, but the band is still selling cds on iTunes. So the band remains Sarge and the music of Elijah B Torn shall search for another alias, another character, another moniker etc. Hope the few people who know of elijah's Sarge can follow me through the transition. That would be awesome. CANTSTOPEATING will continue to sell the Shukar Rough cd until they are gone. I am super impressed and rather proud of the fact that solo Sarge got enough hype to catch the eye/ear of Band Sarge and that they were actually able to contact me. ahhhh the interweb. but Again i am very sorry for the confusion.

- elijah b torn

4/04/05- Shukar Rough on sale now at CANTSTOPEATING. 9 tracks and 1 actionfigure.

The show at the Tank was great and I had a blast. Thanks to the loyal Sarge troops for coming out in the rain to listen. SO glad to see people enjoy the music and i am looking forward to playing again soon. Always a blast to play with the Fist too. We shot video of the performance and i will be putting parts of it up on the site asap. Sarge is going to be working on a split 12" with Tomo as soon as i can find time to unpack my rig and write some new stuff. Also going to be doing a split with Hellhoundonmytrail. umm cause it will be awesome.

Theycontrol and CANTSTOPEATING present SARGE, Octofist and Hellhoundonmytrail at The Tank on March 31st. 10pm. This show will mark the official release of Sarge's Shukar Rough, mastered by Splattercell and out on CANTSTOPEATING.

3/17/05- way too tired to be typing but i am still running off the adrenaline of the past two nights. I had a blast playing with Trip Hazzard and Andre LaFosse. So many thanks to Manca and Triphazzard for placing me in such an amazing lineup. I cant speak highly enough of them!! amazing amazing to see/hear/experience them both. Also a giant Sarge hug for Brandon Taylor for all his support and help with these shows. I could not have pulled these shows off without the loving support of him and Sarge's Future Wife. Love you baby.

3/02/05- Sarge has 2 shows coming up this month. Here is the flyer.

Tuesday March 15th at Galapagos. $free$.
Wed March 16th at CB's 313 gallery. $5$.

3/01/05- Elijah completed more audio and sound design for the Clown Ninja himself, Mr. Simon Ampel. Sweetass Robots and two-headed Pigs, need i say more?

1/20/05- Sarge has started making his Apocalyst. If you can think of any items to add let me know.

1/07/05- SARGEmakesloops SAMPLE/Loop cd out now through This disc is over 600mb of beats,synth loops and other oddness. The Loops work great in Ableton Live, ProTools, GarageBand, ACID pro, Logic, MPC's and other wonderful music making warez/machines. Purchase it now here.
It has been a great experience working with and I'm glad I was given this chance to do a sampledisc.
The Sarge album "Shukar Rough" is still getting mastered and will be out on CANTSTOPEATING by the end of the month. There is also talk that there will be a Sarge track on a Daft Alliance compilation called "Children's Music for Adults".
also, finally a link to the Sarge remix of the Sleepwalker tune Pathogen.

12/16/04-Sleepwalker Remix is done! (link to mp3 soon). Next its a Betray the Species remix.

10/09/04-Sleepwalker remix in the works. Also continuing work on a new Sarge disc tenatively titled "Gun Music".

10/05/04- SARGE's first disc is getting mastered at CellLabs right now. it will go into limited production thanks to CANT STOP EATING. awesome. ALso just finished a remix for PutDownThatSciencePole. Those dudes kick ass and shake the booties. They were gratious enough to allow Sarge to desecrate their beats.

6/15/04-SARGE returns to the NYC after playing three very loud shows with Octofist. It was awesome playing with the Fist and hanging out with Sleepwalker, Title and all the other bands we played with.

Noah and I are discussing a small number of the Shukar Rough disc to be produced in collab with CANT STOP EATING.

Also in the works- a possible Sarge remix of a Sleepwalker track.

6/3/04- SARGE has gone out west to rip some low freq turds for Octofist in the CANT STOP EATING presents the we will not be pusdangled by your douchebaggery because this is the Deepest Bluest Tour of 2K4 aka from O-town to Yo-town.

4/28/04- SARGE will be joining Octofist on their West Coast tour with Sleepwalker this summer.
check the main news on for tour dates and cities.
(we will be playing in SF, Portland, and Seattle.)

4/22/04- Elijah completed Sound Design and a good Mixing for a piece of Animation by Simon Ampel. Mr. Ampel studied animation with Ralph Bakshi.