With a shrill sonic cry of echolocation in the night, Guano blindly fell from the sky. Coming off the mind numbing audio success of Octofist, and with the unfortunate extradition of his partner, Mr. Noski, to California, Slatkin struck out and started his solo project, Guano.

Not a massive departure from Octofist, but rather a poetically musical drunk falling down stairs. At once beautiful, brutal and gratingly unnerving, Guano has been compared to the joys of labor, and the agony of medically prolonged erections.

Slatkin, born Crafty Bernardo, was classically trained on an Atari and found his true calling behind the calming hum of a belt sander. His avant-garde hatred for the proper audio mix has been panned by critics as common and unprofessional, but those that understand the genius that is Guano know this to be the heart of the music. A raw, chest spreader look inside the emotions and mood swings which make up a man.

The frantic movement and jarring changes are the thrashing, flailing throes of a heart unhinged.

Here is Guano.