Guano has finally handed over the entirety of his private basement collection to CANTSTOPEATING records. After Noah sifts through all the detritis we should be seeing a forthcoming Guano album on CANTSTOPEATING. Guano has been exceptionally busy fermenting and the outpour of back in the studio work should be underway soon. Also keep an ear to the skies for future performances in the NYC area.

Guano is finally in a studio working on his newest album. He is excited to be working with Yonasty Studios and will keep you posted for the release.

Guano currently has four albums out now:

Beautality: A heavy, sad album marked by such hits as Rembitkoi, a bazooki drivin electronic grieve.

Jugulate: A fierce electro-fucking, with experiments into extreme bit decimation and spoken word.

Paper Clips: The closest to a normal album, this features Guano's forrays into a more structured approach with an emphasis on live samples, and by structured I mean in the way a gambler switches from scotch to gin.

and Cluttered Attic: The latest from Guano, a maturation that finds itself curriously intact, with spatterings of style from all former three. A culmination of 3 years experiments.

These albums span, respectively the time from June 2002 to Autumn 2003.

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